Chilling centres and Refrigeration systems

Ecomax understands that the major influencers for the success of a chilling system are its cost, usage safety, and environmental impacts. Whether it is a turnkey chilling system or the integration of a skid mounted refrigeration system into a plant, Ecomax provides a comprehensive solution to the chilling and refrigeration requirements.

Ecomax offers customized and efficient solutions:

  • An in-depth analysis of customer requirements and plant layout is carried out to understand exact system design requirements
  • Budget determinants are kept in mind while designing the refrigeration plant ideally suited to client requirements
  • Installations are made environment friendly and use only quality material
  • Designs are kept ergonomic for user safety and comfort

Chilling centres

Ecomax Industries offers turnkey chilling centre solutions. Whatever your requirement for cooling may be, we can create a chilling centre that is catered around your needs and integrated perfectly into your existing operations cycle. Each chilling centre is a turnkey solution for chilling raw milk for the purpose of storing or transport for further processing. The chilling centres we build are available in two varieties:

  1. based on refrigeration with PHE evaporators
  2. based on refrigeration with tank and coil type evaporators

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Refrigeration systems

Ecomax Industries offers individual refrigeration systems that can be integrated into a chilling centre or into an existing pasteurization or beverage processing system. Our refrigeration systems are ideal for all refrigeration purposes and are available in two varieties:

  1. with PHE evaporators
  2. with tank and coil type evaporators

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Chilling centre and refrigeration sub-systems

Ecomax Industries also offers individual sub-systems that can be integrated into an existing or new chilling centres and refrigeration systems, as well as incorporated into other systems that need refrigeration processes integrated within them. These sub-systems, and their individual components, can be installed into your chilling centre or system, and customized to suit your desired specifications. Please click here to know more about these sub-systems and individual components.

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