Refrigeration Industry

Refrigeration is a vital part of commercial and manufacturing processes. Liquification of gases, compressed air purification, condensation of water vapour and other industrial processes make refrigeration a major part of almost every industry including beverage processing, dairy, chemical, pharmaceutical, transport and others. Ecomax creates products and solutions for the refrigeration industry that are designed to be cost effective, economically and environmentally friendly, and customizable to meet customer requirements.

Solutions we offer

Ecomax can ensure optimum and efficient working of systems through the integration of our individual sub-systems and components. Ecomax manufactures individual sub-systems and components, and provides service contracts or spare parts for existing or new systems of any make.

The following are the products, sub-systems, and components that we have to offer for the refrigeration industry.

    1. Plate type heat exchangers

      Please click here to know more about our PHEs.

    2. Service contracts

      Ecomax Industries offers service contracts for your new and existing plants and systems. These contracts cover the general upkeep of your equipment, enabling it to run more smoothly, efficiently, and giving it greater longevity. To know more about our service contracts, please click here.

    3. Spares and accessories

      Ecomax Industries offers individual sub-systems, components, and sub-components which can replace any old and spoiled parts of your systems, ensuring long and smooth functioning. To know more about our spares and accessories, please click here.

To know more about our products and solutions for the refrigeration energy industry, please contact us through the Product Enquiry Form or e-mail us at Our brochure can be downloaded here..