Pasteurization Systems

Ecomax provides ergonomically planned, high quality pasteurization systems to achieve desired pasteurization results for milk, cream, and curd production, consistently. Whether it is for the production of milk for direct consumption, or for the production of cream or curd, Ecomax excels in the manufacture of pasteurization units that prevent bacterial contamination through efficient processing.

Ecomax Industries provides customized solutions:

  • A range of options are devised to provide the optimum process technology and just the right capacity for your needs
  • Options include both, skid mounted pasteurization systems and floor based pasteurization systems
  • All components, including the control panel, are assembled on food grade stainless steel frames
  • A detailed plant inspection prior to system design provides exact interface data which ensures minimum start up period and easy integration into your dairy plant
  • Excellent and consistent performance, and easy maintenance
  • Low energy consumption due to high heat recovery

Automatic pasteurization systems:

Designed to meet the requirement of dairy plants which put a premium on high quality products and have zero tolerance for human error, these units require no controlling, monitoring or human interaction once programmed. These systems are controlled using Programmable Logic Control systems and a Human Machine Interface, which is programmed according to customer requirements. This allows easy integration into a central monitoring station with the use of SCADA software hooked up with individual system PLCs.

Semi automatic pasteurization systems:

The Semi-Automatic System is designed to meet the needs of dairy plants in urban/semi-urban areas and is an economical option. An operator at a central location is able to monitor and control the velocity and direction of the fluid with the help of a control panel. The control panel consists of electrical circuits for logic control and manages the entire operation using switches and push buttons.

Made to order pasteurization systems:

In addition to the automatic and semi-automatic pasteurization systems, Ecomax Industries also manufactures pasteurization units that are completely customized as per customer requirements. These include completely manual pasteurization units as well as units that maintain the preferred degree of automation. This customization is available in both, skid mounted and floor mounted systems.

Pasteurization systems that meet all dairy needs:

The range of pasteurization systems made by Ecomax Industries is created to meet all dairy needs. So whether you desire a pasteurization system for milk, curd, or cream, Ecomax Industries can equip you with an ideal system. Additionally, keeping in mind the varied needs of our clients, our range of products contain pasteurization systems that can be fully automatic, semi-automatic, or made to order. Our range of pasteurization systems include:

  1. Milk pasteurization systems

    Please click here to know more about our milk pasteurization systems, their sub-systems, and individual components.

  2. Curd pasteurization systems

    Please click here to know more about our curd pasteurization systems, their sub-systems, and individual components.

  3. Cream pasteurization systems

    Please click here to know more about our cream pasteurization systems, their sub-systems, and individual components.

Pasteurization sub-systems

Ecomax Industries also offers individual sub-systems that can be integrated into an existing or new pasteurization system. These sub-systems, and their individual components, can be installed into your pasteurization system, and customized to suit your desired specifications. Please click here to know more about the sub-systems that Ecomax Industries can provide.

To know more about the pasteurization system, sub-systems, and components that you would like to purchase, contact us through the Product Enquiry Form or e-mail us at brochure can be downloaded here..