Hot Water Generation system

The hot water generation system is a compact skid mounted system with a control panel that is designed to heat water instantaneously in a PHE using saturated steam. Ecomax offers entire hot water generation systems as well as the individual components that comprise the system. These components can be purchased individually and integrated into existing hot water systems. The following are the components of our hot water generation system:




  1. Plate Heat Exchanger
  2. This PHE heats water with steam. A steam inlet is provided which has a steam flow control valve and condensate outlet with steam trap and by pass arrangement. Thermo wells for hot water inlet and outlet are also provided.

  3. PID controller
  4. The PID controller allows for automatic control of heating/cooling media to ensure continuous uniform temperature production of milk.

  5. 2-port control valve
  6. Used to regulate steam/chilled water flow into heating/chilling PHE/THE.

  7. Safety valve
  8. The safety valve is used to relieve excess pressure in steam line. Essential to avoid damage due to overpressure conditions in the steam line. It can be set for different steam flow rates and pressures.

  9. Automatic pumping trap
  10. This is used to prevent water hammer and permit operation even if vacuum is formed as a result of underutilization of heat generation capacity of hot water system. It is a unit that is capable of automatically trapping or pumping depending on line conditions. The unit is operated by steam and is used to eject condensate under all conditions in a heating plant even under generated vacuum.

The above components can be customized to suit your existing system so as to ensure perfect integration and functioning with least cost. In addition, these components can also be customised to bring together the new system that suits your needs. With its customised solutions, Ecomax Industries offers comprehensive solutions for all your hot water generation system needs.

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