Clean-In-Place Systems

Clean in Place (CIP) systems are systems designed and intended to carry out automatic cleaning and disinfecting of a processing system without disassembly. Keeping in mind the need for effective and efficient cleaning systems of varied industries, Ecomax has created a range of CIP systems that provide an aseptic and hygienic environment for the processing of products.




Ecomax Industries offers innovative and customized CIP systems:

  • Well designed CIP systems that allow a single part of the processing system to be cleaned while its other sections remain fully functional
  • Cutting edge CIP systems help your plant work more economically
  • Recycling of cleaning solutions increases savings
  • Usage of the exact amount of water actually required to clean the system results in reduced wastage
  • The process automation and centralized control offered by the CIP systems ensure saving of man hours
  • The CIP systems can offer cleaning solutions that are fully automated, semi-automated, or automated to the preferred degree
  • CIP systems can be both, fixed and portable
  • CIP systems are skid mounted for mobility, quick installation, and easy integration into a large scale manufacturing facility or smaller operations such as a pilot plants or laboratories
  • Parameters of the cleaning operation like concentration, temperature and flow rate of cleaning agent are constantly monitored and maintained with pre-defined set points, leading to optimum cleaning
  • The CIP systems provide consistent cleaning results which meet the stringent regulations of all industries

Automatic CIP systems:

Designed to meet the requirement of clients who put a premium on high quality products and have zero tolerance for human error, these CIP systems require no controlling, monitoring or human interaction once programmed. These systems are controlled using Programmable Logic Control systems and a Human Machine Interface, which is programmed according to customer requirements. This allows easy integration into a central monitoring station with the use of SCADA software hooked up with individual system PLCs. Automatic CIP systems can be both, single pass, and recirculation systems.

Semi-automatic CIP systems:

The Semi-Automatic system is designed to meet the needs of clients in urban/semi-urban areas and is an economical option. An operator at a central location is able to monitor and control the velocity and direction of the fluid with the help of a control panel. The control panel consists of electrical circuits for logic control and manages the entire operation using switches and push buttons. Semi-automatic CIP systems can be both, single pass, and recirculation systems.

Made to order CIP systems:

In addition to the automatic and semi-automatic CIP systems, Ecomax Industries also manufactures CIP units that are completely customized as per customer requirements. These include completely manual systems as well as units that maintain the preferred degree of automation. This customization is available in both, single pass CIP systems and recirculation CIP systems.

Keeping in mind the varied needs of our clients, Ecomax Industries has created a range of Clean-In-Place systems, all of which can be fully automatic, semi-automatic, or made to order. Our range of CIP systems include:

  1. Two tank single circuit CIP systems

    Please click here to know more about our two tank, single circuit CIP system.

  2. Three tank single circuit CIP systems

    Please click here to know more about our three tank, single circuit CIP system.

  3. Four tank single circuit CIP systems

    Please click here to know more about our four tank, single circuit CIP system .

CIP systems components

Ecomax Industries also offers individual components that can be integrated into new and existing CIP systems. These components can be purchased individually and catered to suit the needs of your existing system. To know more about the individual components that we offer, please click here.

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