Spares and Accessories

Ecomax provides customised sub-systems, components and sub-components that can be fitted into any of our customers’ existing systems or into complete systems purchased from us. This means that we create the part our customers need as per the system that is unique to their plant. We offer sub-systems, components, and sub-components for the following products:

  1. Pasteurization systems
  2. Beverage processing systems
  3. Chilling centres and refrigeration systems
  4. Clean-in-Place systems
  5. Plate type heat exchangers
  6. Heat exchangers
  7. Hot water generation systems

We also offer spares that suit our customers’ plants and systems. Applicable to multiple industries, these spares can be installed into every system and are available from Ecomax when required. To know more about the spares that Ecomax offers, please click here.

For further details about the sub-systems, components and sub-components that we can provide, write in to us using our contact form or through any of the e-mails provided.