About Ecomax

Headquartered in Pune, India, Ecomax offers high quality processing system solutions. Using materials of international standards, Ecomax manufactures systems that provide superior quality solutions for industrial processes. By becoming a preferred manufacturer for both global and local companies, Ecomax has steadily increased its presence in the processing systems industry since its establishment.

Ecomax has worked towards finding innovative solutions to suit their customers’ requirements. This has led to the creation and development of a range of products for processing various fluids such as milk, juice and other beverages, refrigeration, and heating. Ecomax provides solutions that are completely automatic, semi-automatic as well as made to order, ensuring that every customer receives a solution ideally suited to their requirements. This means that our customers receive solutions that can be perfectly integrated into their processes, ensuring operational optimization.

Ecomax considers service and support to be an integral part of the customer experience. This ideology lies at the core of our service team. The efficiency of our service team comes from its exhaustive understanding of our product line and the applications of these products to customers’ processes.

Using innovative technologies that are created with a view to reduce energy consumption, Ecomax manufactures systems and provides solutions that make our customers’ production processes economically efficient. The consumption of less energy translates into a greener planet for all, allowing our customers to keep production costs low and remain environmentally friendly.

With its wide range of solutions, Ecomax fulfils the requirements of customers from varied industries. Whether our customers are from the refrigeration, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, mechanical and HVAC, renewable energy, Clean-in-Place, or chemical and process industry, Ecomax manufactures systems to meet every customer’s specific need. Our endeavour to provide customised solutions ensures that every customer obtains a system that is designed to suit his requirements as well as those specific to his industry.

Ecomax is constantly working towards bettering the experiences of our customers. It is with this in mind that Ecomax has designed precise solutions, which can be reconfigured to allow for customisations. This ensures that our customers get the engineering expertise of our design while meeting their specific wants. Ecomax also monitors changes and advancements in technologies with the aim of incorporating these changes into our designs and solutions, and consequently into the production processes of our customers.

Ecomax Company Presentation